Why it’s time to breath out

In 2015, when I was told that Issy had a plan to end her life, I took in the biggest breath. I was steeling myself for what was to come, trying to fill myself up with bravery and resilience and fight because I didn’t know what was going to happen or if I was strong […]

What going vegetarian reminded me about parenting

I watched the Netflix documentary Game Changers last year and, in the hope of a speedier recovery from Achilles surgery, removed meat from my diet and turned to the green side – vegetarianism.  The first few weeks were spent trawling the online supermarket aisles trying to find substitutes for meat, and to be fair, there […]

How to get out of the moment, positively

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first PT session in 2 weeks. I’d tweaked my back and am having issues with my Achilles after running ( what a foolish idea!) and I’ll be honest: I wasn’t looking forward to it. 60 minutes of lunging, lifting, and all round challenging my body and a […]

Your child is a garden

You’ve inherited a garden and been told to watch it for a full season before doing anything to it. It’s that time of year when everything is dying off. There are unturned beds and overgrown bushes (no sniggers!) You can’t believe that this space will ever be home to anything but weeds and worms. And […]

What keeps you safe?

I had an epiphany yesterday and I’d like to to share. It’s been brewing for a while, but yesterday, a truth to help me came into clear focus. No angels sang or shafts of golden light embraced me, but I felt a weight lifting as I leaned into it fully. I won’t bore you with […]

Trusting yourself

I spent the good chunk of a meeting yesterday listening to a woman explain that she has a new habit: leaving the gas cooker on in her kitchen.  She has done it several times in the last fortnight, and her morning routine now has an additional phase – sitting on the train, second guessing herself […]

You have been planted

What is it about last minute projects that come in at Christmas?! Yesterday I spent the afternoon unravelling, cajoling, and managing clients and I had quite a lot of time waiting around at my laptop. So I decided to reduce the draft email box from 150+ to a more manageable 20. While doing this, I […]

Letting go and holding on

Hello! I’m writing to you from the coolness of my garden. I woke to a morning literally bursting with the beauty and potential of the day ahead, so I thought I’d come outside and make the most of the sunshine and stillness before the day begins – and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Being grateful […]

The stories we tell ourselves

The last PMH #SelfCareSaturday was a wonderful day. It was so lovely to meet new friends and catch up with those I’d met before. One of the conversations we had yesterday was around what people got from the PMH community, and I think the word connection sums it up. Yet, whilst we seek and crave […]

Songs that take us to different places

This weekend we went to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Ross loves jazz, and I don’t mind (some of) it! We went to see Rymden, a Norwegian jazz trio. They are virtuoso musicians, but boy was it hard work! Nails down a blackboard would be sweet compared ( IMHO!) The seats were so tightly packed we […]